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K & K Fence Company proudly provides our valued commercial and industrial customers with the fencing they need. We gladly provide access control, estate gates, gate operators, retail sales and a do-it-yourself center among other specialty fence products.

Depending upon your need, K & K Fence Company will build the type of fence that you desire.

We can handle your toughest security needs as well as all of your sporting facility fence needs and decorative perimeter fences.

Standard chain link fence in standard heights begins with the heights of 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 84", 96", 120" and 144". Custom heights are available as well. Additional tops of three strands of barb wire and/or razor ribbon give the additional security to stop most intruders. A bottom tension wire is added to all of our fences to help eliminate the possibility of someone gaining access under the fence. A bottom rail is available for added security. All of our commercial/industrial chain-link fences are available in galvanized and aluminized, as well as black, brown or green vinyl coated.

Baseball backstops, softball backstops, sideline fencing, outfield fencing, dugout fencing, soccer-field fencing, tennis-court fencing, basketball fencing, discus cage fencing, batting-cage fencing and all other applications are available to meet your needs. We also install wood privacy fences for your commercial/industrial applications. Available in most heights up to 14' tall and available in several different styles.

Commercial/industrial ornamental steel and ornamental aluminum is also available where you want a fence to be more decorative, but still secure.

We can also meet your needs for interior cages, dividing fences for warehouses and any and all types of temporary fences. With our in-house gate shop, we can make just about any type of gate that you need. Sliding and swing gates are available to match your needs and can be custom-made to fit your opening.

Wire mesh partitions are available, if chain-link is not permitted for your application.



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